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Contrary to the opinion of most people that know me, I like to make sense sometimes. I get this look when I express myself to people (it's a mixture of surprise and envy).How people see you and think they have seen the best of you(she doesn't use big words she most be stupid, how about she wants to be understood?). In their head you have been suppressed to 'other' because they don't believe you can be better than them(am talking about the so called people of God here).

        So yesterday discussion was on premarital sex and illegitimate children.  We all know  fornication is a sin(according to the Bible and even though I have not read the quran I think it would be present too.  Now the holy books are against it but still 'we' fornicate and the worse part is most of the people that get pregnant are the church girl. I remember when I was in part one, there was a girl who did not hide her feelings about seeing a boy talk to a girl at night. (you know that angry jesus Babe who terms you a sinner because you hugged a male friend for a little longer than conventional)  according to her we were all unbeliever.  I couldn't bottle my excitement when I found out she gave birth after the asuu strike. I was not sincerely happy for her. I was just happy to know who the unbeliever is Because I know pregnancy is not airborne and people don't accidentally fall on the male reproductory organ. 
  Now my point is, I understand the place of the Bible In teaching young adult to abstain from sex. Now what about that 4 year old girl that you left alone with your brother's wife sister's son... Can u guaranty her safety? What did u tell that little girl that just started menstruation(did you make sure she gets all the answers to her questions from you without you starting a sermon? Sure we pray for our children, But remember heaven helps those who help themselves.  It is your God given right to pray for this child.  But get through to her or him earlier...  Tell nobody must touch her 'pepe'  or whatever name you gave their sensitive parts.  They might not understand why but they would know mummy said no..  Don't put all your responsibility on God expecially something you can handle yourself.        Censor what they watch on the TV. Make sure you see even cartoon before they do.  Don't allow any one call your child iyawomi (my wife)... Now I know some people are thinking... What does she know about been a mother but before you judge me remember I was once a child (still one) and believe it or not I know.
       I believe in the power of prayer but educate your child on sex.

 P. S.  sorry for not posting anything yesterday... I was offline...  Please drop your  comments on the discussion.  Do you think parents should educate their children on sex or should they leave everything in God's hands...  I have two electives to write today( one on law and the other on drugs)  wish me luck... Love you guys, and stay blessed.


  1. It's quite unfortunate how we teach children sex education this days everything should be visible tell her all don't hold back for any reason she's growing....

    1. where are you pheezy??????????????????

  2. hello Boyode Fisayo, thanks for this wonderful lecture, i really enjoyed and understands it from all angle.
    but dear your lesson was in three parts, the youth, the mothers and the children, am quite impress how you manage to explain it though is bit confusing but like i said, i understood everythig. but always carry your audience along, you like giving your explanation in parables too much. (no offense please). you know am saying the truth, that only you will admit it.

    if the parent are not enlightened how will they guide the children. sex education can be taught anywhere, only if you know how to construct and deliver. church, schools, among friends and of course at home.

    I wish you Good luck in your two electives!!! remain bless too!

    1. I had no idea I communicate in parables.. Would look into it thanks

  3. Teaching sex education is very dicey, knowing the appropriate tone and language is key in passing the message across. May God give us wisdom.

    It's free advert weekend, hurry!!!!.

  4. How did the exams go, Pheezy?

    On the other hand, teaching kids on sex requires wisdom.
    Nma's Blog 

  5. This is one important aspect of upbringing that most be done with Wisdom.. Success dear .

  6. Sex education is ome delicate subject and like Nma said, it requires lotta question is "what age is appropriate to teach you child about sex and all".....answer anyone?

  7. How are you dear?

  8. I've always said it that my kids will know everything there is to know when it comes to sex education. It wouldn't be good for them to learn some things outside the home

  9. It is advisable you start teaching your kids at an early age. No need of censoring any word. Say it as it is. Tell them the real name let them about it from you not from outsiders. The way I am going to train my children on Sex education, infact when they are matured enough they will appreciate me for the extra effort.

  10. You know yeah Fisayo! Sex Education is Topic abi na Subject sev.. that never really ends.. and a saying goes "How can I learn if i dont Experience and how can I experience if i dont make a mistake" Now I am not here to preach on whats right or whats wrong.. But i believe that it is our job as Parents, Elder siblings and Wards to guide young people and teenagers aright.. at least till they are of age to make decisions on their own...

    So.. based on your question.. I think that Parents should Teach their Children about Sex.. making it a point of Duty for them to understand that there is nothing to it.. as against just scaring them from it.. pata pata 2 minutes its over.. So whats the CRAZE about?! Abstinence pays.. Spiritually and psychologically.

    Blessings.. How are you Bubba?! #TeamTimeTravel.


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