Friday, 11 September 2015

Keeping my man by FEYISAYO FAMAKINDE

Lying in my bed and wondering why i deserve all this
So i wake up one day and reality just makes us meet each other,i like to think that i like the symbol and epitome you represent so i tend to offer my solidarity in an attempt of making you stay or rather knowing you will be there always for me and in an exchange you also expect likewise from me. After sometime am expected to rely my whole universe on you,allowing this feeling to encompass me that i forget i exist just to see that my sole role is to make you happy no matter what.
I try to do this for sometime but then i feel am getting choked up or rather drowning but just to make you stay i just have to keep up like am hung on cocaine or something similar
What have come to realise is that am no God nor Robot,there are times the last thing i would wanna see is your face and there are times the only thing i want around me is you. To have the best of this two am expected to suck up to your command but I swear have had enough,the voices in my head are getting so much louder,I cant even breathe and amazed as to why i still stay
So have made my decision,i would rather get the feeling of the chaotic heartbreak than to latch on to this feeling that have been made to believe will make me whole and sound no matter what,have had a taste of it and i swear it's bitter sweet but i don't want it no more cause all have learned is that this feeling called Love is overrated


  1. what exactly are you looking for dear? you speaks in parables a lot, may be if you break it down a bit, perhaps you may get that which you are searching for.

    "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."

  2. I have to get an interpreter for this..
    Good morning all..

  3. What I get from here is the phrase "love is overrated. Love is sweet, love is bitter depends on personal decision.

  4. What I get from here is the phrase "love is overrated. Love is sweet, love is bitter depends on personal decision.

  5. Love is never ever overrated. We just don't know love yet. When we do know, you'll understand that it is very different from all you've ever thought it was.

    Please Feyi, don't get it twisted. Love is a beautiful thing. :)

  6. My GOD ya a very Fantastic Writer.. Dunno how you do it though.. But you write from deep within.. as in inside inside.. Under under... Ehhmm **Whipsers.. This is where i ask teh kweshion.. **drops on one knee... Phisayo toh beauRRiful.. Biko Will you marry me?!

    **Picks up Public Address System... Okay! So i dunno for sure why or where this post emanated from.. But what I do know for sure eezz that Love or lemme call it Dating (based on the context) should bring happiness.. I havent dated in a year so call me stale.. But if someboRRy doesnt make you smile from deep within you ehhhnnn.. Then press the delete button and look for someboRRy who does.. Dassaal. **Drops Public Address System...

    P.S: This eezz me using style top ask you to date me eh.. iKid. :)

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