I know who I am

I am a fertile field. My tender heart is softly turned soil that awaits the seed.  I carry the potential of massive reproduction. My mind is the incubator of dreams and the womb of greatness. I am irrigated when in love and dehydrated when hurt. I am enriched by those who love me and stripped by those who abuse me. Those I touch would dine on my harvest. I am the end of someone's famine. I am a garden, I am the place where hunger is satiate. I am a place where thirst would be quenched. I am the place where rich soil will produce fertile food and lives are richer because of me.  I am a garden I am the focal point of those who love me and the absolute envy of those who don't.
P. S.  Which face do you prefer pheezy with makeup or  clean face pheezy.


  1. You the Apple of God's Eye! you the the child of the King! you are who God says you are. there is a King you.

    about the looks. my dear you are fearfully and wonderfully made.


  2. You look beautiful both ways. Though more without makeup.


  3. Yeah I go with Pam you look great both ways besides your makeup is not loud.


  4. You look so good in both...but those who abuse you are also a stock of wealth to you. They will surely push you to greatness with their critism

  5. Without make up.
    I know who God says I am


  6. Wow! Ya a very deep someboRRy faaa.. Sha know that i am here to make unprotected love to your Blog.. So Brace yaself.. And yeah.. Ehmm **Scratches head.. I dunno which of the picSHurs really has make up and all.. But i like picSHur 1. **Wears Toaster smile..

  7. Both are beautiful.


  8. You look splendid in both. You are beautiful image of God nurtured by Grace and endowed with God's kindness and blessing



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