Guess who is back... This girl?

Holla everyone pheezy is back....  Tired,  hungry but back. I have caught up on everything I have missed on blogville which is a lot! A big thank you to everyone that wished me success and those who checked on me. You are a blessing .... Now I get the reason we sing this song " some have food but cannot eat, some can eat but they have no food"  you should know that song if u went to a Nigerian secondary school with boarding house .

I can't use one side of my mouth at the moment, and I think I won't be able to use my whole my by the rest of the week... I want to go check my titanium teeth out at the school dental clinic but I don't want an incompetent student to use my teeth for practical am also shy to go there because of the fear of the unknown (what if d problem is as a result of me alternating tooth paste with candy... D fear of cavity should be the beginning of wisdom . I have been used as practical once and I tell you it was not a good experience... My entire mouth was paralysed for close to two week....
      Now I feel the pain of every old person over 100... How do dey eat.!  I can't even eat bread with my good side.... It's feels like my chewing gum eating days are over for now.
      What's going on at your side.. Do tell and does a change in tooth paste or mouth wash cause tooth ache.  Have a nice week ahead and don't doze at work please.
       P. S: I have been trying to post something since Friday but the poor post didn't upload... I would be around fully for d next two weeks... Exam starts next week but "I cannot come and go and die"


  1. Eyaaaaaa sorry's good you are here. Take good care of your self and best wishes in your exam!!!!

  2. I promise I won't doze at work. lolz - welcome back dear and best wishes in your exams

  3. Eyaaa...tooth aches can be so painful ehn, so sorry.

    Sex is overated!

  4. Take your time...concentrate on your preparations. Best wishes
    Nma's Blog 

  5. tooth aches are really crazy..kpele dear..wish you luck in ur exams

    Glowyshoe blog

  6. All the best in your exam...and just try to see competent dentist for your tooth

  7. Lol. Don't go and come and die dear. "Study to show thyself approved" remember?

    May God bless you little effort. Cheers.

  8. I hate sensodyne. Something like mucous appear on my lips after brushing. I hardly have tooth ache sha.

    Best of luck in your forth coming exam

  9. You welcome back dearie.. Hmmmmm heard toothache is not funny o my mum has once had it... Please get help on time...


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