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Hello ladies and gentlemen boys n girls, kilonsele kilon happen, how has the new year treated you so far, I hope its doing you well, it would be a great year for us all in jesus name. So... How many of us went to church, first sunday things, I just left church and it was packed, and my church is always over 90 percent capacity on the first sunday of every year, when its cross over night its almost over 200 percent, I was lapped during the cross over service for this year, it was definitely a first for me.

      So guy how has your new year resolution been going n how many have you broken. Maybe your new year resolution this year is to stop fornicating, you actually made the same resolution last year and the year before the last. Dont loose hope, you might stop this year. Personally i alway make a new year resolution to go to church every sunday every year, and to tell you the truth i have not been able to do that, but i noticed that i am getting better, i actually went to church for the better part of the year( so yea me!) I actually dont go to church most times because of the water works i call eyes, i cry along with every worship song, most of bruno mars song, taylor swift songs,romantic comedy and tragedy movies have seen, including those that dont even purge emotion( am starting to believe i need to see a therapist, if i can find one, maybe go under hyponosis)
... My new year resolution would be to make more money, be one with God in body mind and spirit, get a boyfriend and actually date him like a normal person and become a vegetarian . So yes those are my new year resolutions, what is yours?  


  1. Are you serious? Vegetarian???? Ooooomo!

    Anyway, as for me ooooooooooooo, no new year resolution. Other years' resolution na joke, I rarely accomplished . Thank you.

    Happy new year again. #smiles

    1. Lol i follow you on that sha! Pheezy dont qorry love will find you.

      Olamide vs Don jazzy meme( lol)

  2. I wish you plenty success in keeping your resolutions. Unfortunately i don't make resolutions i rather set goals.
    Happy first sunday.

  3. Their would be more gist on the vegetarian part later@ Esther ...Thanks gloria and a happy first sunday to you too

  4. Oh....its nice to have a new year resolution if and only if you will pursue it diligently without losing focus.

    I wished you a goal fulfilling year ahead.

  5. LOl @ get a boyfriend...I wish you luck on that dear.
    Making more money.........YES!!! plus the wisdom to spend wisely in for that this year
    The Beautiful Eagle

  6. You are looking for a boy friend when I am here... see my head! lol...
    I love that vegetarian resolution... ekushe ooo.

    Egwumba’s Blog

  7. I dunno why eh! but DiaRRis something about this child that thrills me.. I meanit EXCITES me! heheheh @ "Dont loose hope, you might stop this year" some are trying to be Fornicators.. others are trying to end it?! Irony of aye i get...

    aha! What Happened?! I thought you had a Boyfriend that always liked Rubbing powder or something one time?! **Sits up on Jangolova Chair .. What Happened between the both of you ni?! **deep sigh.. And here i was thinking y'all were a match made in Heaven (Full pun intended).. heheheh

    P.S: From Experience Bubba.. Dont chase Dating.. let it come to you.. Its always Waaaayyy better that way.

    P.P.S: Please Phisayo.. We have to find a way to meet oh! Mbok.. I beg you in the name of Chioma my future geh friend. Happy New Year once again My Darling.. :) Best Wishes. Do stay Young.. and do stay Confused cause thats the only way life can teach us iThink :)

  8. I've stopped making resolutions. Happy new year dear.

  9. thhe water eye thing that makes the two of us.my6 hubby nephew follwed me to church on 2 consecutive sundays and the so inquisitive guy said"aunty stop going to church if you know you will be crying"


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