It's the begining of the end

 Hello people of God, how una dey. is it obvious in my "voice" that am happy? Well I am happy. Its finally resumption time, am excited because it means I should graduate soon but on another note am not because I have to start cooking my own food or stay in my friends place and complain about her cooking( if she cooks). To be honest the cooking thing is one of the reasons am not getting married anytime soon, that and the fact that every guy I meet is not good enough, I can't even keep a relationship on a game, game characters break up with me(if you play STARDOM you would know what I mean, its a virtual world, where I have over 200million fan and 5 ex boyfriend, I even tried dating girls.) Life can be so tough sometimes, so this year I have decided to change my ways, not minding the fact that last year was last week. Anyways am enjoying my life now that I can, my boyfriend wish list is over the top, I have a lot of specification I pity myself, according to my mum soon the list will be just one word "breathing".... I definitely won't date someone whose breath stinks just because he is rich( apart from the fact that my super power is smelling things, I would not survive the relationship) I would probable die of bad breath from my spouse mouth( or how do you tell that handsome guy who meets all your criteria to try brushing his teeth? Oh I know! Maybe I would tell him to try tasting my paste and then get a toothbrush for him at my place.) But why on earth will a "big boys" breath smell? Especially when he claims to like kissing, ewwww.

      So I have decided to start writing about my relationship. Past, present and future. I would not write it in totality but I would write so you get the idea of what I mean, the character in my stories although real would be giving fictional names based on their character. I don't want to make elaborate plans because I don't know what would happen tomorrow but I would update you as the spirit leads.( The stories might or might not follow a particular order)      

I wouldn't be very regular here until I get me a new phone or device a means to blog, until then keep on keeping on .


  1. Hello, and here's wishing you a great year ahead. All the best!

  2. hehehehheheheheh @ "every guy I meet is not good enough" heheheheheh lmao! With all due respect Bubba.. ya sha not well oh you this child! heheheheheh LMAO! **Rubs palms togeRRa.. In other newss.. if this be the Agenda of 2016 on Hiaa! Then you just earned yourself a BLOG Course Rep! As I so will be a frequenter on here! Causee.. This VroVer sssooooo cant wait!.. Pheezzy for the freaking Win yo!! :)

  3. Pheezy mi,no guy is not good enough, the point is that he isn't good for you. Beside i beg to say you have some childish talk here. Relationship is meant to help better each other. Dont expect a perfect guy because that perfect guy is taken by the woman who helped him become that perfect. There is nothing wrong in helping ur guy become better, there is nothing bad in helping him grow. Think about it darling

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