how old does he have to be

 Holla my people, how una dey? Yass... Was going on(in my american accent). Fisayo has been very good o... You know how it is now, different day with different expenses, my good phone spoilt on the first of january, am still sad, I actually had plans to change it( but it was still a plan) I was not ready to implement it yet,I actually had plans to buy a camera, a laptop and a computerized sewing machine, so a phone was so at the bottom of my list, I would not have rejected it if I was given though. So am at a cross road, I either pretend I don't have a phone till my mum gets me one or I get myself a new phone out of my final year fund decision! Decision!! decision!!! but on another note this would be a great time to have like three to four sugar daddy so I can keep on smiling while they give me the feeding allowance and school fee meant for their innocent children. Then again let's not kid anybody there is no way in hell I would get a man to neglect is wife although I have grown a lot since I last penned something about my body size(we are getting there) my old friend see me now and go " fisayo you now have hips o!" I feel like am going through puberty all over again yes( this time with the change in body structure) I got it wrong the last time.
     So to the major reason for this post, it was on new year day(1st of january) when my little not so little brother told my mum the girl he said he was going to spend the rest of his life with broke up with him. According to her she couldnot waste her airtime to talk to him so she had to break up with him via text because she wanted nothing to do with him as she is a year older than him. Considering the fact that he actually talked about her to my mum, he really like her, so do you really thing age should be a problem when it comes to love, and if not how many years different do you think is okay.


  1. Lolzzz pheezy u certainly aint serious @3,4 sugar daddy.
    Ehm i personally dont date younger guys and i dont recommend opinion


  2. Age isn't a problem, maturity is the issue. You could meet someone older and they could still be immature and vice versa.

  3. Age isn't a problem, maturity is the issue. You could meet someone older and they could still be immature and vice versa.

    1. I agree with Cindy wholeheartedly.

  4. Hehe! This girl sha. Anyways age isn't a big deal but in this our 9ja,it's considered to be a taboo in some places. Lol! But personally I don't recommend.

  5. Pheezy you have started again o. Ok just that it should be the issue of child abuse lolz . OK on a serious note Definitely older.

  6. Age is nothing but a number. It doesn't matter to some people while to others, it does.

  7. age shouldnt be a barrier so far there is love

  8. Chai... your brother must have really been heart broken.
    You see, age is not a problem until it becomes a problem, which is often the case in this part of the world. I would say even in matters of the heart and relationship, ask God for guidance. Sometimes. even our maturity fails us.

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  9. Age has nothing to do with it, I know people that call themselves old and still act like toddlers. It's the maturity of the the mind that matters.
    That girl is tired, she's just look for one excuse to end it. Who knows she was found the 3 sugar daddy you are looking for lol.
    Happy be year dear. Come how did you get the hips, share don't be stingy

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  11. Habaaaaa, age ain't a problem jor. Just a year older. If she really loves him, it shouldn't have been a barrier jor

  12. age is nothing...most atyms its the younger who ar more matured than the so called older ones

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