Getting comfortable with been uncomfortable

 So am in school already, its as boring as school obviously, but my belovers are around sha and lil sis will be here by tuesday plus I have plenty meat( I will start my vegetarian resolution when this meat finishes and does anyone know where I can order/buy tofu??).

      My journey? Well it was so so, life can be so hard something and I can't just wait till I get my own private jet, yatch(private of course), my own island, and all those luxurious things shown in hollywood movies('wolf of wall street'). I boarded this bus that had 13 others also on board,( let's rewind, I was the last person to get to the bus( lucky me right?) Well I was not so lucky. The first 'thing' that met my nose was the stench that came from God knows where. I would have been okay with just fantasizing about sweet smell, some lavendar, wood cedar, strawberry, roses and the likes if the bus had started moving on time. Now I have this little problem, my body does not know am poor, so it tends to misbehave in places that are not as luxurious as myself(let me toot my own horn.) As my body is not accustomed to this foreign smell, couple with the fact that I was taking ice cream(whatever you do,do not take ice cream anywhere that smell;Note to self), my stomach began to pain me, it was like someone somewhere decided to turn my intestine into a drum set, I could swear the pain had melody. Suddenly I felt this strong urge to use the toilet, in the middle of nowhere, if you know me well you would know I might not be the 'tushest' person when you get to know me, but when it comes to stranger I can forrrmmm! So I sat down with my problem, shaking visible, trying to figure out the person with the body odour, even though I had a suspect( I was suspecting the old woman sitting adjacent of my seat. Anyways after about 1hour30mins into the journey I eventually found out its the fine boy sitting in front of me. I just but can't(I just can't but)(am a lil bit confused on which is the correct form) wonder how many job opportunities he has lost because he cannot wash his body violently.( If the kingdom of your body suffers body odour, it can only be solved with violent scrubbing,deodorant,clean cloth and if all fail, prayer and fasting) the most amazing issue was that his girlfriend was sitting by him all through the journey( love definitely needs a nose doctor). I won't blame her though, her spoken english is terrible and he loves her anyway so what's a smelly body?

So to the question of the day. Would you date a girl or guy that stinks( serious smell o, not even mouth odour this time around, like if he lends you a shirt that has been dry cleaned poor shirt will still smell. You can smell him from over the phone kind of body odour. If he tries to swim all the fishes would die body odour, can choke you to death kind of body odour.

Any to all the money makers that read my blog, happy monday, and keep on making that money. All the people that aint making money but still try, a miracle is coming, does that aint even trying to make money(like myself) GET A LIFE.

Talk to you guys later, its time for Shakespeare. XOXO


  1. Lol @ "You can smell him from over the phone kind of body odour". Ah! Fisayo, you are a clown, I laughed and laughed. :-)

    I cannot date a person with poor hygiene. Body odour is a criminal offence, assaulting the senses of other people with nauseating smells is so unfair.

    Have a lovely week!

  2. "if you know me well you would know I might not be the 'tushest' person when you get to know me, but when it comes to stranger I can forrrmmm" that got me LMAO

    Well i cant deal with odours, i cant even hide it and you know your good friends when they tell you your mouth smells or your body smells

  3. Lol... I don't think I can sha...

  4. This babe your sense of humor is out of this world. Kudos and keep it up. As per your question it's a capital no

  5. Nope I cant. Well it depends on how bad his case is. If its abad case, I will pass ni straight up... But if it can be worked on, we'll do it together.


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