Word for the day : DERELICT.

I have no idea how I took this picture
Yeah!  Am super hyper this morning,  have never felt so alive since the school management decided  to shut no close down the school after a lecture boycott(like who does that, right?) that's what I was thinking,  rumour however has it that the school management close down the school because Mr VC was scared the student body might disrupt the
coronation ceremony and the convocation too.  So I have not gone into a classroom for over a week and with the number of movies I have seen its a surprise my brain has not melt.
           So the word for today is DERELICT  I saw the word from the game criminal case, it's an okay game not that interesting but if you like to play cop it's the game for you.
         It can function as both adjective and noun,  when it is used to refer to things( usually land and buildings it's an adjective) it means not used or cared for or in bad condition.  So next time you want to say uncompleted building you should say DERELICT building.
       The noun form is used to refer to people. A person without a home, a job or property.
     So I would keep updating the word as I hear or read them. I would write my next post today so check this space again.


  1. It's alright then, thanks Fisayo. That picture though.....

  2. like a destitute?i mean the noun meaning

  3. Oshey!!! Teacher Teacher!! :) P.S: I feel so Derelict right now ehhn! I sooo Need a geh Friend abi na wife seff.. heheh **Tongue out.

  4. This your GIF pic, na wa... I know I've missed alot here.

  5. Noted.. thanks for sharing


  6. Thanks our E -dictionary


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