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So it's been forever i posted anything here, between lectures, my final year project, work, a healthy dose of gossip, "owannbe", extremely bad network in my friends place(hers is one of the lucky hostels with 24/7 power supply), and power outages that last years in my place it is an uphill task to find something to blog about, that is no inspiration to post even things I have written before hand. However I made up my mind to stop apologising as a blog reader who I have no idea even reads my blog complained (you should try to drop comments at times) about my apologies not holding water again.  So from now on no more apologies.  My major inspiration to blog is the near death experience I had on Saturday after having my full on rice and shamelessly picking the meat on my friends meal(I went there for the food, so I would have something to talk about and to finally find Mr right:incase you have met him, he is a yoruba boy in his mid 20s, he is "yellow" in complexion and 6feet tall).

. . 

As my "aboki" bike man passed right beside an heavy weight vehicle at the verge of falling over, all I could mutter was "Lord have mercy on me" ( which is a good choice of last words by the way) I realised nobody knows the last good bye.  Therefore I have decided to do all that make me happy and that includes spilling my gut on the Internet so here I am like a prodigal daughter would you take me back?  A special thanks you to everyone that checked on me you are the best bests.

. . .

My next post would be the face of the week. And I have also added another session to the blog, I have decided to learn new words and I want to take it seriously so am taking you guys on this journey of better grammar and large an totally unnecessary words with me.  Everyday I would post a new word, it's meaning, where I first heard it, it's origin, and also how it can be used. At the end of the week we would have six words and they would all be revisited on the last/first day of the week(Sunday)

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  1. Thank God for the testimony of preservation.. Good idea for the blog. HNM

  2. Welcome back dear. HNM to u.

  3. Thank God for divine protection ,our refuge and our fortress continue to hide us under your shadow

  4. Happy new month dear...thank God for your life
    Nma's Blog 

  5. Welcome back.... W8n for d words sessions....

  6. welcome sweerie....Thank God

    looking forward to the new added post

  7. Thanks be to God for his mercies.

  8. Dear Reader,

    Memoirs of Duru's Heart Break...

    I hope this meets you well oh! Please if ya Reading this.. Then thank you plenRRy.. may Your Children not resemble your neighbor eh. Biko ehhnnn... when people ask how Duru had his most recent heart break.. please tell them that when Phisayo who is as beauRRiful as the Morning Sun said:

    "he is a yoruba boy in his mid 20s, he is "yellow" in complexion and 6feet tall"

    and Duru's church mind told him that he met none of the characteristics.. He knew it was over :( **Holds bleeding broken heart and walks away sad :(

    Heheheheh Cheers Bubba.. Merry Christmas in advance Nne. UDo.

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