What if God was one of us

Woke up this morning feeling lost...feeling like I need to talk to someone, anyone ...I needed someone to listen to what I wanted to say just anybody to really listen...I didn't even know who I want to talk to per say...I mean its too early to even call someone...after hours of gloom I eventually came out of my misery...I realise d person I wanted to talk to was God ...am not talking about prayer now ....I pray ...I know I do ...sometimes I feel like I don't say enough prayers, sometimes I feel I say too much...what I really want is to av a conversation with Him...what I would say if I had an opportunity to talk to the most high...but wait a minute because am sure am not the only one that has wondered who God is. So what if God was a man just like me and you..what if he was just a beggar by the road side asking for your help ....what if he is a miserable drunk or a wife beater ....is God a she or he...Is God there? Is He listening? I want to ask him why he created a world so beautiful and allowed sin destroy it. Did he "allow" sin destroy it...I have heard God is great,have heard he is all powerful...I want to ask him why he allow young people die...I want to ask him about the plans he has for me...would I grow as old as a mountain before I leave or would I just go down like a puppy snatched from his mothers breast...would I be rich and powerful or would I suffer a different lot... dose anyone know where God reside because I need to have a conversation with him. A conversation with the creator!


  1. I like this.. what if you are God.. I mean if you had all powers that makes God God.. what will you do?

  2. If I am God? I would probably be a dictator...or maybe I would be benevolent...I think I would elaborate on that in another post. Tnx for the comment

  3. The "What if's" are endless..... Grace and mercy is upon all of us. *sigh*

  4. My! oh My! Fisayo of Life! this was a deep read! You know yeah Baby mi.. There are so many kweSHions of Destiny in all our hearts... but to which we will NEVER get answers to by staying (feeling) stuck.. but why bother with the "what if's" that come with gloominess.. when you can live a life of choice and Happiness?! Think about it my Love.. If we stay Gloomy asking these kweshions.. We will neither grow nor thrive.. So my advice to you is to kick of your shoes and live this life with passion to the best of your abilities.. Cause most of these Questions Fisayo of life.. Will get answers ONLY as you experience life itself. But in it all.. i will say boldly that: GOD is GOD!

    Blessings Bubba!


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