First of all....Introduction!

holla! everyone Fisayo a lady  in my early 20s,am an introvert but am also talkative(is that even supposed to describe one person?)...I am all shades of shy when it comes to eating out(restaurant Is not d ideal place for me on a date) some of my friends are of the opinion that am funny, to some am very annoying and to myself am weird...
   So this blog would be about me basically,people around me, things that fascinates me for as long as I keep this blog running...
  And yeah am not a professional writer so don't judge me...just have fun.pls leave ur comments ...the blog needs them to survive...Ciao


  1. I think u r just weird...but creative talented and original also

  2. Oh thank you anon and keep checking dis corner

  3. And tanks for the comment L.PHNX xoxo...keep checking dis space

  4. Welcome to Blogville Fisayo. No, we will not judge you.....


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