Life lately

I know am not as regular as I planned to be but have been very busy making cloth for clients and myself, I have a lot of work to do because of the Christmas break.  I haven't really had time for myself or the blog.  I will update the jumpsuit tutorial as soon as I get enough time to write some explanations. In the meantime, I will give a break down of the fun part of my weekend.
Thursday... My boss's bridal shower

Mary, itunu and I...  We all trained with the same boss but I was meeting Itunu for the first time that day...  It was super nice meeting her because she is full of life and very friendly 

After pulling an all nighter to finish  the bridal party's outfit.. 

Everyone here is a tailor and we all trained under the same person 

My reception or is it church wedding dress,  it was comfortable and I also caught the bouquet 

My lovely boss,  I was only able to get a picture of the engagement,  isn't she lovely? 

Sunday outfit....  All out fit worn by me were made by me. 


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