A very poor attempt at an introduction

So this is like my 100th attempt at starting this blog again...  And this might be the first attempt am actually brave enough to post.  So here is what I will do, I will leave this post as it was typed,  no editing or rereads.
      After the long sabbatical from blogging, I like to think am ready to start again,  so this time am not just going to go on rambling, I have decided to start a DIY series on sewing, how to make some easy things to decorate or add spice to a space,  jewelry,  slipper.
     I have learnt a lot of things from the internet and I want to give back...  So I will be putting up DIY tutorial video on YouTube and pictorial here. I will do market survey on fabrics,  and other products that will be used to so you will know the price of this thing on the local market(that is if you live in Nigeria). That will be all for now.  Bye

     How first tutorial will be on (how to make a pallazo pant jumpsuit)


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