Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Worse prewedding shoot photos I found on the Internet

Lets start from the very beginning am trying to make a come back from my very long break , so am going to be updating the blog as it comes to me. So because yesterday post was about relationship one of my old friends thought it was okay if he asks me when am getting married... Really? Anyways I was blue so I decided to make myself happy by reading about every bad thing that could go wrong with weddings to amuse myself . I decide to share some pictures of prewedding shoot I think are just not cool with you.

The only explanation I would accept for this shoot is that the met at the gym . 
When you are told to be good representative of your place of work. What is better than taking a picture in your office
Their children would definitely need therapy
I reserve my comments
This is not a prewedding shoot but I couldn't leave it out Can someone tell me what is happening here?
Do this to a Yoruba man and his mother will label you a witch
And of course I could not leave out the gala love affair.
I would do this but I can't stay 1minute in a toilet with going from number 1 to 2 and I know there no photographer no matter how dedicated that would stay in that bathroom after that.

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