The beautiful ones are here

Is it just me or are baby coming out of the womb looking hot nowadays. When I was younger I was accustomed to babies looking like mashed potato or cake mix all soft and amoeba looking on the first day (you know that time when the grandma try to help the baby's life by compressing his heads and maybe bore holes in his checks

 as everybody coo about how the baby look just like his father and little me is just wondering where the resemblance is because I so can't see it .

right now babies come out looking like the chosen one,cute like a button and nobody will tell you the kid looks like your husband because that line was to me a consolation because your baby looks gooey , now you have to look for a baby picture of you to mix with a picture of your new born baby before people believe she is your child . I think its cool having beautiful babies but here lies my fear is it possible that the metamorphosis of babies at birth has not reached it peak I don't want to give birth to a baby that is preschool ready. Imaging the baby coming out like "where my ladies at!"


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