Monday, 29 August 2016

how do I keep a man

The truth is I never planned to write anything about my relationship today. If you have read my
other blog post you would notice there was a time I wanted to write about my relationship or was it guys I have encountered (I have made it a point of duty to reduce my boyfriend count , so have started doing the how long , how well,how intense test before I say I was in a relationship with a guy)

  •  how long concerns the length of the said relationship, two months below is not considered a relationship with me,which also means I can snatch your boyfriend of two months like its nothing. That was a joke I am not capable of snatching boyfriends. 
  • How well will be based on how well I know him. Who have met, what we have discussed, will I still remember his surname after 4months?
  •  How intense would be what I have investment into the relationship, did i care or love him, or was I in the relationship because he said let's give it a trial. 
 The problem dose not lie on the number of boyfriend i have had but in my relationship. Personally am not very romantic, I probably won't remember anniversary, birthdays and the likes , I won't put your picture as my dp on your birthday and declare undying love for you. Am that girlfriend that will be one of the boys . before I start any relationship I usually tell the guys "this is me " I will not cook for you because one I hate cooking and you are not my husband, I would tell u to get a blanket if you are cold ,no I won't volunteers to cuddle you even if its a joke.I will call you enough not to make you forget you have a girlfriend but I won't pick your calls if u start calling me too much. I won't go out with you to a expensive restaurant after u said u are broke not because I don't like to be seen with you but because I don't want to eat your house in lekki through pizza(am good like that) .to which he would say no problem it's cool anything you say, I just love you , I love your mentality, the way you reason. Now two three months down the line this same guy would ask you why you can't be as romantic as your bestie.

  1. Because am not my best friend 
  2. Because am not my best friend
 truth is I want a relationship that would last so long  I would not have problems with my parents knowing what he looks like. I want to change , be nicer to people , show them I care and that am here, not talk back. which I have actually started doing but here lies the problem .Guys tell you to change and totally zone you out. You meet a girl in your boyfriends room the night of his birthday sitting down like karma came to pay a visit , and then you realise she was around and inside the room the last time you left angrily, and that he probably slept over at her place the night he told you he would be right back, you don't mind the fact that he thinks his lies are not lies 'technically' . you believe him because he was boyfriend number 1million and you know the only playing field you have is the internet ,now after you promised yourself not to go to his place again not because you are afraid of a fight but because your mother is a woman leader in your very large church and you know she would be devasted of she sees your name and picture under a post that is titled  Jealous main chick breaks the head of boyfriend's side chick. 
Now to the reason for my epistle (yes it actually happened to me) how do I start dating a guy and actually keep dating him till we reach till death do us part. I don't want to be stuck as gisting partner for married men(you know all those men that are married but still want to be in a relationship with you because you are easier to talk to than the mrs).


  1. I can feel your pain, shit happen but have the believe that what is yours will never pass you.


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