Friday, 1 July 2016

Happy new month and something else

Yay ! Its July am I excited well yea...its my month and its the beginning of the second half of the year....talking about the best month ever and this month being my month 4th of July to be exact. Growing up I never felt  their was anything special about my birthday it was just another day( I only celebrated it once and that was on my tenth birthday and it was because my parents made sure I did it ) am more of a party planner(  I would start an event planning outfit in two years time so sit tight) nowadays my birthday celebration does not deserve to be called celebration especially because I used to attend OAU( did I tell u am now a graduate?) OAU students idea of celebrating birthday is cramping over 20 people in a room that 2 people can't walk in with pumping heads and filling dem up on flour and boom . proud person like me I cannot fit to do(I can't do that) its all or nothing. I remember keeping the carton of cabin biscuit my grandma gave me to my classmate when I was 7 inside my bag the whole day because I couldn't bring myself to sharing biscuit  in a class where kids dress up as princesses to celebrate their birthday .( I think about it now and I realised I deprived a group of 6years old the pleasure of eating free biscuit.                Now every time I tell people my birthday they go "OMG ,that's independence day" with an accent that sounds like it was at the tower of babel ( something that sounds like American, British and osogbo English at the same time)  in my mind am like 'hold up' I said July 4th not October 1st . considering the fact that most of em have never left the shores of Nigeria some has never even seen a plan talk less of boarding one to go on a local trip. Their only contact with the "outside world" google images and TV .
              My point is if you are Nigerian and you don't have a green card or line in the US ,July 4th is not independence day to you, its America's independence day and of course my birthday. ( now if you are feeling patriotic to your adopted country you can send me her gifts).

        Happy new month

Why do I like this picture? I have no good.


  1. Really interesting Views Fisayo.. Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday in Advance! Blessing upon Blessings I wish you... and yeah.. Hearty Congratulations on your Graduation.. More to come Nne.. Cheers. xx

  2. Happy Belated Birthday dear. Age with grace


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