Incest! My daughter My love

  I was just minding my business at work today, trying to do something reasonable with my time. Soon my ears picked up the conversation of two women. Apparently the first woman was about to divorce her husband. He has been having sexual intercourse with her children for years now. Her first child is about 22 and she is married, but she didn't marry well because of the trauma she went through(she married an okada rider), her second child that got out of it earlier is traumatized too( the woman got to know she was been abused because she wrote some of her experiences inside her diary). The last child of about 5 had already started masturbating, she sleeps in her father room, and she used people toes to rub her privates when they are not observing her(her father has been playing "mummy and daddy" with her)he gives her biscuit they play with her privates with his fingers and toes.
    Hearing all does my ear almost bleed. I have read about fathers commiting incest with their children, but I have never really thought about the possibility of a pastor or as my mum would say ' a man of God' having sex with his children. The world is really coming to an end.
     The man however denied the accusation, he claimed his first daughter is possessed and he used to see them (pastor and his first daughter) have sex.
    What do you think would make a man want to have sex with his own blood and flesh?    


  1. Jeez this is fucked up on so many levels. Is this real? That man is sick. Very sick omg!

  2. OMG! Dis is grave, I'm stunned.

  3. Jeez! The world is really coming to an end... a pastor for that matter.. HELL is awaiting him

  4. This is the height of madness, the father sure needs spiritual intervention..

  5. Jezzzzzz feel like throwing up.


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