Reasons not to have Friend with Benefit

 “Friends with Benefits are great because you get the benefits of sex without the bullshit of a relationship.”

    No fights. No boring dates. Just great sex. And hopefully lots of it. I know most guys would get excited if a girl agrees to become FWB with them. I remember one of my friends(male) asked me to be his FWB( the guy is so broke, so their was no benefit) the way he ask was so annoying(I would have punched him in the face if he was not 3times bigger than I am) , I think you need to have a little bit of chemistry with the person you want to be FWB with. Am not preaching the gospel of FWB today anyways. personally, I feel the disadvantages of friends with benefit is more than its advantages. I took the liberty of surfing the internet to get some reasons why you should not have friends with Benefit.

1** He is dating another girl and she get dinners,gift and all the flowers. He would always have a main chick,the girl that won't allow him to pick your calls on weekends, the one that he tells you he has to go home to meet. If you love attention, do not consider FWB with anyone.

2** It gets too emotional: forget milla and justin in "Friend with benefit"(the movie) if u fall in love with that fwb she/he might not catch you. And you might get hurt. I have a friend that is still single because she believes her FWB would ask her out.

3** You are free to have sex with other people, and most young people don't see the purpose of having protected sex. So its would be an std party soon

4** Awkwardness in public: its usually awkward when you meet the said friend in public. Especially when his main chick is around. ( Imagine you are at a dinner you forced him to take you to, his friends are all with their girlfriends, and they(gf) are friends, you can't be part of the clique since you are just the FWB and your role is in the bedroom. I believe you would have to become friends with the bartender or leave the venue before the alienation you feel will kill you)

5** he knows all the things you do behind close doors( he has the blueprint of your behind in his brain), but he doesn't know your surname or your home town, you really don't know anything about him.

6** what happens when you get pregnant and have a child from the relationship,how would you explain your relationship to baby when he or she is grown up. Just imagine she is a girl.(You would not be able to tell the child the usual " I was a virgin when I married your father" tales women say.) I believe that should be the second if we were to cast a vote for most said lies.

  So what's your view on this issues. (Don't be a stranger)Let's talk in the comment section and enjoy the rest of your day.


  1. U explain to baby that you were friends with benefits! On a more serious note, thinking that ladies have to be firm and not indulge this so called "FWB" trend...... Extremely tacky......

  2. Its not to be adviced. Though it may be fun, but it comes with a lot of baggages. I cant deal mehn, and no one should.

  3. @ Calabar gal how do you tell baby not to have a FWB...and tnx for commenting

  4. Its stressful, u can't get too excited , u can't get angry

  5. Lol I love this post. You've said it all, the disadvantages far outweigh its advantages (if there are any)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Am actually trying to think of an advantage now... It would be d sex I guess


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