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 This should be interesting. I love to see some of your answers and please feel free to add yours.
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Things your parents forgot to tell you
:being an adult came with it set of problems( if I knew I would have not been in an hurry to grow up)
         * * *
Things you can do to get rid of unwanted guests
While talking to them, go and in out of your room, light candles(if u have any colour other than white it would work better), then start chanting every type of chant you know.
        * * *
Things you shouldn’t say to your friend before they go into battle
Be self assured that i will take proper care of your husband. He will not lack anything.
       * * *
Things people do when no one is looking
Truly being themselves,picking their nose.
           * * *
Things you shouldn’t do on an airplane:
Please don't over dose on perfume. Not cOol,not cool at all.
         * * *
Things you wish were delivered
Men – I wish I can just order them according to how I like and if it is not what I want, I have 30 days to return him.
             * * *
Things you should not do if you want to make a first impression
Please don’t pick your nose, don't bite your finger nails, or scratch your hair
           * * *
Things kids know more about than Adults
          * * *
Things paramedics shouldn’t say to a patient on the way to the hospital
Any last words?
 Add yours to the list.
P.S: the title of the post has nothing to do with the content. It's just my way of saying I hate the expectation titles carry.    


  1. Tins u shouldn't do in a cramps traffic Jamed bus: FART


    1. Crampy traffic jammed bus. *
      Oh! I'm tired of this new phone's autocorrect joor. #frownsface.

  2. Things you shouldn't say in the elevator - bomb!!! Lol

  3. So people do not care if they kill you with their fart.@ pamela

  4. Thanks for the comment tibs. I would faint if I hear "bomb" in an elevator.

  5. Things you shouldn't tell your date.. I have slept with xyz no of guys. Lol


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Things you shouldn't tell your deeper life mum: I have sex 4times a week *mum faints*

  8. Danladi my mum is not deeper life but if I tell her that it would put her in the hospital. Thanks for the comment

  9. Things you shouldn't say to a pregnant woman: Did you add weight?


  10. Some funny 'things' up there girl.. really cracked me up. Nice girl.

  11. Especially if she is a pregnant white woman@ molola
    Tnx for the comment Rella...I aim to please

  12. hmmm it very interesting to read, very educative for girls

    you can follow me on my blog

  13. Awww thank you chinoso... Running to your blog


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