7 passenger you would meet in a nigerian public transport

 A good morning to you and you and you. I really have not excuse for my absence ( oh! Wait! I do!) Actually rain fell on friday and PHCN is still spreading the wire. As I heard it won't be dry till tuesday(5 days of black out because of 2hours rain) naija I hail o... Now to today's post. I actually wrote this inside the bus on my way to my mother's house yesterday, tried to post it but network no gree me and the man that sat beside me would not stop looking at the screen of my phone . He was actually the major reason I started writing the post. You can always add ur characters.

The sleeper: that sister or brother that sleeps right from take off till you reach the destination. Am a typical example,I make sure I take the sit that would allow me sleep comfortably( I have sleep for over 10hour in a bus before)non fiction, slept from Cotonou to Ife.

The assistant driver: usually women or men in their late 40s upwards,they complain about everything, they know the best route to take, they would abuse other road users. They take all the characteristic of a typical nigerian driver apart from the actual driving itself.

The pastor: the pastors are the ones that would pray when the bus is about to take off, 20mins into the journey they would start preaching about death and hell fire.

What do u call some one that goes to d toilet frequently? :they leave the bus at every stop to either go and urinate or defecate.

The foodie: buy every snacks sold by the road side, rice, fried fish, corn on cob,popcorn,plaintain chips, boiled egg. Every thing that is edible.

The mother: this women would bring like 3 children between the age of 6 to 0 along with them on the journey, then pay for just one seat. Once u sit down you would hear " sister e jo e bami gbe aburo yin"/ sister pls help me carry your younger sibling.

Confused: this people don't know where they are going, so they ask everyone in the bus for direction, tell the driver to remind them when they get to their destination, call their host every 5 minutes

Add yours, and make sure you take care of you, and have a blessed week. Till my next post. ==> XOXO


  1. Interesting post... and again you gon' find
    THE WISE OLD OWL not everytime tho buh they offer advice only when needed, and it’s likely to be the best advice you have ever heard in your life. They’ll usually be older, though it’s not impossible to find younger renegades who have committed to a life of freedom and not turned into a mega-douche. Go out exploring with these cats. You’ll see, do and learn more than you could possibly imagine... **Azimutal

  2. Weldone azi... Let me go n find dictionary and come back to read your comment

  3. Lol... my comment is 'deep' not something u can understand easily

  4. the talkative: this ones usually comes when two friends enter bus together, they will talk from where they boarded to their destination and can sometimes be annoying as they disturb other bus users who dn't like noise. nice post.

  5. You are forgetting those that are there just to pick pockets..hehe. Nice post dear


  6. Hahaha very funny post. You left out "the loner". That's someone like me who doesn't talk to anyone and always has earphones plugged in all through the journey.


  7. You are on the same page with me on the loner ish Molola... The driver had to remove my ear piece himself when we wanted to reach the army abi is it soldier checkpoint

  8. I total forgot the pickpocket because have never been a victim. Tnx for the comment Rella

  9. lolz. wow I love this so much. can't help but to laugh.

    Thanks for visiting www.mavinmis.com

  10. Wat about the toasters, dey specifically come into the bus to look for fine gals to toast. Lolz.
    Remember, d smelly mouth nd armpit people who are there to frustrate ur life.
    Farmers nko? Hahaha

  11. It annoys me when a guy ask me out inside the bus ... Why? I would mind a guy asking me out when am on a flight anyway(first class)


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